• What is Product Marketing


    What is marketing?  Is it more than advertising?  You betcha. 

    In my words Marketing is the act of educating a customer with respect to the benefits of your product, and why it should be selected over alternatives.

    In essence marketing makes the sale possible or at the very least it definitely makes it easier.

  • What is Quality?

    When designing a product, you typically have to balance cost and quality, with cost targets being driven by what a customer will pay for a given product minus expected margin.
  • What’s in a name?

    I put product name as one of the top four most important things to affect the success of your product.  In case you are wondering what the other three are on my list in no particular order; product quality, the product solves a real problem, and marketing of the product.
  • Product Testing, More than Whacking Stuff

    After doing the fun part of the design process, taking your idea from concept to prototype, it is time to settle down and get down to the hard work.