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Two Sparrows Marketplace is the place to find the newest and most innovative products for your children. Our marketplace products are unique, developed first hand by therapists, parents, and educators. We want to shine a light on these entrepreneurs through our marketplace. You must check out these one of a kind products - you will not be disappointed!

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Have a great idea but are unsure how to bring it to market? Our design and development services are exactly what you need to support you in launching your own product ideas!  Click to learn more about our services.  Or fill out the contact form below with a specific question and we will be happy to get back to you!

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Our flagship line of products. Effortless Art Products are a line of developmentally appropriate crayons and pen grips that support proper grip and grasp from childhood to adulthood. Find out more about them by visiting our website.

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When you buy from Two Sparrows, you are not only supporting small businesses, you are helping to support a dream.

All our products have been created by occupational therapists, educators, and parents. They were created to solve a problem and fill a need seen in their children and clients. Feel good purchasing products from our marketplace and know that you are buying something original, innovative, and brand new to the market.

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