November Means It's Turkey Time!


Hi there!

November is here and that means Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  We took advantage of the warmer temps this week and the leaves still on trees and holding their color to do a little leaf picking for a craft project. 

We had so many beautiful red, yellow, and orange leaves in our yard that I thought we just HAD to do a craft with them, and I loved the idea of using the leaves to make a colorful turkey tail.  So that is what we did! 

After we collected our leaves we brought them in and began to lay out and plan our turkey.  We cut out a turkey body from an extra brown paper bag, glued it down on our canvas, and then began gluing down and arranging our leaves around our turkey to make its feathers. 

We used our scissors with our Noggins stickers on them to trim off the stem and cut out a gobble for the turkey's face.  Add some googly eyes and we were set!  

This project was really great for a ton of readiness skills - like motor planning and practicing multi-step directions.  Our little guy got lots of fine motor work in with the pressing and gluing of the leaves, too.  The best part was this was a real open ended art project and he could make his turkey to be whatever he wanted - so it was a totally customized and creative project.  

What are your favorite turkey crafts?  Post them in the comments and let us know!  Maybe we will try one!
Stay tuned for more fall fun and turkey craft projects coming your way.  
Till next time!

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