Woo Tape Mega Bundle
Woo Tape Mega Bundle

Woo Tape Mega Bundle

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WooTape MegaMix bundle (9 rolls, 3 of each size)  WooTape is an adaptive handwriting tape that provides in-the-moment visual boundaries for children that struggle to maintain sizing, proportions, and alignment independently. 

This WooTape MegaMix bundle is not only a killer value, but it will meet all of your needs. It comes with 3 rolls of each WooTape design/size.

Whether you're a parent, teacher or therapist, this bundle allows you to determine your child's current sizing needs as well as providing a roll for therapy, a roll for home, and a roll for the classroom so they always have it when they need it. 

Fully writable and erasable! For best results, use pencil.

WooTape 1 - Solid black headline and baseline with black dashed midline (approx. size: 1/2" wide x 11 yards long)

WooTape 2 - Solid blue headline, dashed blue midline, solid red baseline (approx. size: 5/8" wide x 11 yards long)

WooTape 3 - Solid blue headline, dashed red midline, solid green baseline (approx. size: 3/4" wide x 11 yards long)

Made in China. Patent Pending.

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