The Cocooner Blanket
The Cocooner Blanket
The Cocooner Blanket
The Cocooner Blanket

The Cocooner Blanket

Cocooner Solutions
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Currently not available for purchase.  We will have stock ready for sale soon!

Introducing the Cocooner Blanket

The Cocooner Blanket wraps around your bed to keep you snug inside. It's ideal for children with autism, individuals with anxiety, adults struggling with insomnia, or those who just like to feel snug in bed!

The Cocooner Blanket was created by Occupational Therapist, Mel Homan, who is qualified in sensory integration.  The Cocooner Blanket outperforms other blankets because it is made from breathable BAMBOO FABRIC, and protects again sweat and moisture, and helps to regulate body temperature, keeping you comfortable all night long. Bamboo is an ecofriendly fabric and is antibacterial, making it a great choice for allergy sufferers. This is an ideal bedsheet for anyone with highly sensitive skin.


The Cocooner Blanket hugs your body as you sleep, by providing proprioceptive input and pressure to our bodies, including our limbs.  What does this mean? 

Our neurological systems are wired to support us when functioning in everyday life through regulating our emotions, thoughts and feelings. We use our neurological systems for proprioception, vestibular processing, and tactile input.  These are fancy words, but what it boils down to is that we as humans like to feel deep pressure on our skin, as it makes us feel calm. The pressure enables us to drop off to sleep easily because it lowers our alertness and promotes relaxation, making it a breeze to drift off.   


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Blanket currently comes in only a twin bed size. 

170cm length (67") Circumference is 90". Approximately 1.3 lbs. 

Made in the UK and sold exclusively in the U,S. through Two Sparrows Marketplace