Stick Together Tiger Single Kit
Stick Together Tiger Single Kit
Stick Together Tiger Single Kit

Stick Together Tiger Single Kit

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Share that "Wow, we made it!" magical moment with your group.  Stick together is the fun, new collaborative activity that involves everyone and celebrates community.  Ages 5 - 105!

Each kit comes with 1) color poster grid 2) color key 3) lots and lots of stickers! 

All you do is unfold your poster, check your color key, grab some stickers, and start "sticking together!"  

Tiger Kit - When Tiger jumps into focus, it pops off the page and its eyes follow you around the room. Seeing is believing!  3,996 stickers magically transform into this lifelike feline.

This Tiger kit comes with:  

  • 40" x 36" Poster Grid
  • 3,996 Stickers
  • Color Key
  • Instructions and Tips

Poster can be taped to a wall, mounted on foam core, or placed flat on a large table. 

Single kit completion time = approx. 3 hrs of continuous group "stickering"


Where is the best place to work on the poster?

Poster can be taped to a wall (3M Poster Command Strips® work really well), placed flat on a large table or mounted on foam core. Remember to hide the cover so the image remains a mystery. 

How long does it take to complete a Standard Size StickTogether image?

A focused, determined group, placing stickers continuously, can finish this image in under 2 hours.  At ~10 – 12 stickers a minute, six people can finish it in under one hour! In other situations, members of a whole community can add a few stickers at a time over a long period of time (weeks or even months) to stretch out the fun!