OT Toolbox Sensory Lifestyle Handbook Digital Download
OT Toolbox Sensory Lifestyle Handbook Digital Download
OT Toolbox Sensory Lifestyle Handbook Digital Download
OT Toolbox Sensory Lifestyle Handbook Digital Download

OT Toolbox Sensory Lifestyle Handbook Digital Download

The OT Toolbox
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For the child with sensory needs, daily tasks can be HUGELY overwhelming...leading to meltdowns, overstimuation, or breakdowns. We need a plan that guides and adjusts to meet each child's specific needs in meaningful and authentic ways.

Need a strategy guide to create sensory diets for a lifestyle of sensory success!

The Sensory Lifestyle Handbook is a resource by The OT Toolbox. Written by Colleen Beck, OTR/L, you will find tools and strategies to help kids thrive.

A Sensory Diet can help SO many kids:

  • The student who struggles to pay attention in school...
  • The child who jumps, wiggles, crashes, and moves, all day long...
  • The preschooler chews on his clothing and toys CONSTANTLY...
  • The child who struggles with emotions and socialization...
  • The young child who lacks confidence because she is fearful and uneasy with movements...
  • The little one who ONLY eats specific foods and refuses to try anything new...
  • The child who will only wear specific clothing, textures, or types of clothing...
  • The child struggles with sleep issues on a nightly basis...

Taking the specific and individualized activities that make up a Sensory Diet and transitioning them into a lifestyle of sensory modifications, strategies, and techniques is a Sensory Lifestyle!

A Sensory Lifestyle creates confidence. It boosts self-esteem in our kids who struggle with so many sensory needs. A Sensory Lifestyle is a blueprint for improving attention and focus that kids NEED to succeed in school, at home, and in the community. 

 A Sensory Lifestyle is evidence-driven. It uses specific sensory strategies that are woven into a child's day, ensuring carryover. It works because it's developed based on a child's needs, interests, strengths, and daily tasks. 

A Sensory Lifestyle takes the chaos out of daily activities. Parents will tackle the feelings overwhelm and chaos using motivating and authentic sensory activities of a Sensory Lifestyle... 

Whether you are a parent or teacher, this handbook will help you better understand "sensory" and use the recommendations to address sensory needs in a whole new way. 

Therapists will find valuable resources to explain sensory processing and transition "what we know" about a child into action plans guided by evidence-based strategies, resources, and guidelines.

Use sensory accommodations, sensory strategies, and sensory routines integrated right into the various tasks within a child's day in order to navigate kids toward a "just right" state, with better attention, focus, and confidence...using activities based on the child's strengths, needs, and interests. 

This book is for therapists, parents, teachers, or anyone who works with kids with sensory needs. 

  • If you struggle with creating a sensory diet that WORKS...
  • If you are tired of trying sensory tools that just don't seem to fit within a child's busy day...
  • If you are overwhelmed and don't know where to start with understanding sensory processing...
  • If you are a therapist struggling to set up sensory programs that are carried out and followed through at home and in the classroom...
  • If you are a teacher looking for help with regulation, attention, or sensory meltdowns and need ideas that mesh within the classroom schedule...
  • If you are looking for sensory techniques that kids WANT to use...
  • If you are striving to create a sensory lifestyle that meets the needs of a child and family...

The Sensory Lifestyle Handbook is for you! 

The Sensory Lifestyle Handbook provides a step-by-step process that shows you exactly how to create a sensory diet based on the whole child and specific environments. It shows you exactly how to turn sensory diets into a lifestyle of sensory success using meaningful and motivating sensory activities and tactics. 

In The Sensory Lifestyle Handbook, you get valuable insight into how to create a sensory diet that works. You discover strategies to ensure carryover of sensory diet techniques. And you get tips to turn sensory diet tactics into a lifestyle of sensory-filled days. 

There's more: The book includes printable resources including data collection sheets, screening forms, checklists, sensory diet schedule sheets, special interest lists, and other resources for creating motivating and meaningful sensory strategies to ensure a successful sensory lifestyle.

  • Create powerful sensory diets using thorough and insightful information on the sensory systems and sensory processing
  • Integrate sensory strategies based on the whole child and every environment
  • Use a step-by-step guide to creating sensory diets that work
  • Focus on the interests and needs of the child to create motivating sensory tools for better attention
  • Tools for creating a successful sensory diet within a sensory lifestyle 


  • A 133 page resource guide of sensory tools 
  • Written by an Occupational Therapist
  • Perfect for therapists who create sensory diets or work with individuals with sensory needs
  • A strategy guide for parents and teachers to be used alongside therapists in development of sensory diets


THE SENSORY LIFESTYLE HANDBOOK gives you a formula to create a sensory lifestyle that works and meets the needs of your child/client/student.  Get started today!