Legi Liner RED 3/4" line Rolling Ink Stamp

Legi Liner RED 3/4" line Rolling Ink Stamp

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Quickly draw handwriting lines on any surface.  Great for use in workbooks, to fill in the blanks on worksheets, or to draw practice lines on construction paper and crafts. Legi Liner RED is 3/4" tall dashed handwriting line for advanced PreK, Kindergarten and first grade writers as needed.  Help your students on every paper as you can give them practice lines for their name!  Keep one by the copier as all your teachers will appreciate it!  
LegiLiner was created  by occupational therapist Polly Benson. She notes that she "got tired of drawing lines, using extra adapted paper sheets, and asking teachers to make lined copies for students."  So LegiLiner was born!   

LegiLiner's mission is to

*Enable teachers and therapists to facilitate handwriting practice with a unique tool.

*Empower students to establish a lifelong enjoyment of writing, schoolwork and work skills without embarrassment.