Handee Band Boxed Starter Kit
Handee Band Boxed Starter Kit
Handee Band Boxed Starter Kit
Handee Band Boxed Starter Kit
Handee Band Boxed Starter Kit
Handee Band Boxed Starter Kit

Handee Band Boxed Starter Kit

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Handee Band is an FUN, independent way for kids to exercise on their own at home or with the whole family.  Handee Band exercises help your child with:

- Climbing
- Reaching & Stretching
- Balance & Coordination
- Pushing & Pulling Heavy Items
- Handy Task Like Opening Jars
- Holding Things Like Pencils & Utensils
- Carrying Heavy Things Like Backpacks
- Completing Small Task Like Buttoning Shirts & Snapping Jackets

Handee Bands let kids exercise on the go, any time, any day, and anywhere they like – that’s why they’re so Handee!  Use the Handee Band at home, in the car, at the park, on vacation, while watching television or during homework breaks.
Get a Handee Band Character sticker after doing a great job!!!

Handee Bands provide sensory (proprioceptive) input so children gain a better understanding of where their bodies are in space and the amount of pressure required when pushing or pulling. Proprioceptive feedback can be calming for a child who needs to move constantly or is very active.

Be sure kids follow the exercises as described in the book and work on motor planning skills by coming up with new ideas of what each Handee Band character can do.

No need to do every exercise or spend more than 15 minutes a day.....just pick a few and have fun and do it when the time is right!  There’s also a Handee Dry Erase marker and checklist so kids can feel good about themselves and gain confidence by tracking their progress day-by-day.

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Starter Kit Description

When you buy the New Handee Band Boxed Starter Kit, everything you need is included and easy to use with the reusable ring cards!!

  • 17 Sturdy Cards – Cards are thick with solid construction for durable play
  • Reclosable ring so cards can be removed from the ring to use for sorting and matching games, or to hang in the classroom or around the room and outside
  • Included: Dry-erase Checklist card made to use with your included dry erase marker
  • 15 double-sided fun "monster-like" Illustrated exercise cards
  • Cards: 3.5" x 5" in size, perfect for use on the go!
  • 1 Handee Band Spinner Board Game
  • Designed to stimulate the mind and develop awareness of the body, while improving fine motor, upper body and core strength
  • Strengthens the body while encouraging healthy activity on a routine basis
  • Resistance Band is Latex-Free

Handee Band resistance bands are not intended to be used for oral exercises. Do not chew the resistance bands. Handee Band resistive bands should not be used without adult supervision.

When you are not having fun exercising, you can put everything back perfectly in the box for safe keeping. And if you need more bands, since 1 band is included in this starter kit, you can buy more bands!!

About the Owner/Inventor

Francesca Avalli is a licensed occupational therapist and avid yogi with over a decade of experience treating children with learning disabilities in Los Angeles.
The founder of TherapyWorksLA, her treatments are known for blending irresistible energy with extensive knowledge of sensory integration. Combining her therapy expertise and a lifelong love of exercise, she created the Handee Band so children could continue to improve, even if she wasn’t available to work with them everyday.
Handee Bands are enjoyed by teachers in public schools, parents in private homes, and other occupational therapists, during individual and group treatment sessions.