Hiring for your Sales Team

Secret to picking the correct Sales Person.
Hiring for your Sales Team
1st off there are strategies;

Option 1: Hire a sales person already working in the industry - This is likely your most expensive option, but likely to pay off the fastest.

Option 2: If this option 1 is not available, you may look for sale's people from other industries. in this case you would need to train them to understand the market and the customer.

Option 3 : Hire someone from your industry, who already understands the needs of the customer, because they are the customer. As option 2, there will be training involved. This time teaching them how to sell products or services.

Once you have made your decision - It is now time for my secret

Be clear in your expectations for whoever you hire.

Leaving it open ended is a recipe for disaster.

If you do not have clear expectations, you will feel they are not doing enough and the sales person will feel that they do not know what they need to do to be successful.

Going back to my theme of having a plan. - Have a Sales Plan.

If you have already started hiring for your Sales Team, leave a comment below about your experiences.

Take Care Never Stop. NO MATTER WHAT.