Let's Hear a Woo Hoo for Woo Tape!

In education right now, we are working to cut down on paper and be more green.  I will admit that when I was a teacher, heck, even now, I struggle with reducing the amount of copies I make and paper I hand out.  Electronic is fine and I definitely use technology often in my classes, however, I feel that in many instances, children just need the paper or resource right in front of them, that they can hold, annotate, or write on.  As a special education teacher, I made even more copies, because I was constantly adapting and modifying the worksheets and workbooks for my students.  What types of adaptations did I do the most of?  Can you guess?  

Adding lines to blank spaces in a worksheet!  I had so many students on my caseload that struggled with writing clearly and in a defined space. My students ranged from first to fifth grade.  The problem is that once students moved on from first grade, the lined worksheets just disappeared, but the need for the lines was still there for my students.  So I would spend hours taking blank spaces in worksheets or writing prompts or activities, and adding in structured lines.  That's a lot of extra copying and labor, I might add.  

Sometimes if teachers did not get the work to me ahead of time, I was drawing lines on the spot, which I can assure you, was not always done as well as it could be!  It was honestly time that should have been used in other ways, not to mention, that I was using too much paper.  When I came across a product called Woo Tape this year, I was so mad.  Mad because this was not around when I was teaching special education!  Oh the time this would have saved me.  It is a true on the spot tool that really works. 

We know that as teachers we can plan all we want, but there is always going to be that surprise task that we need to adapt on the spot.  That's where Woo Tape comes in.  It comes in three sizes, so you can differentiate even further for your students, as well as it comes color coded to help give your students visual cues for where to start and end their letter formation.  It sticks to your paper, yet easily can be removed without causing any wear or tear. 

This is such a time saver for teachers.  You have more important and valuable things to do with your time than modifying worksheets when you don't have to.  You need that time to assess students, create interventions, heck, let's not forget actually see students!  Using Woo Tape, you will save time, and save your sanity.  It's a must have tool that is low cost, high reward. If you had told me 15 years ago that I could stop modifying and copying worksheets simply to add in needed writing lines, I would have said "Woo Hoo!"  Pick up some packs of Woo Tape on our Marketplace and you will be saying the same thing. 

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