Beat the Winter Blues With These Hands On Activities for Your Child

Ok, it's January.  The joy and anticipation of the new year has worn off and we are all fully in the winter season - with all the snow, the cold, and being stuck inside.  If you are like me and you live somewhere that has snow way into April, you are my people and you are probably already feeling the pain of your children starting to bounce off the walls.  And. It's. Only. January. 

I've compiled a few of my favorite activities for you I've created and done with my son, so they are kid approved and successful.  No Pinterest fails here!  All my activities are hands-on, educational, and help your child practice important developmental skills.  They all use materials that you can find around your house.  Try them out and let me know how they work for you!  

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1.  Use simple straws, sticks, popsicle sticks, anything you have that is straight and won't bend, and have your child copy shapes you lay out for him.  Lay down a strip of tape and place straws on the top of the line in different shapes and have your child mirror it on the bottom.  


2.  Magic Water Colors

Take any words your child is working on - sight words or spelling words - and write them in white crayon on a piece of white paper.  Then take water colors and have them paint over top and - poof!  Magic!  The words will appear and your child will be amazed and so full of wonder they will have to read the word! 


3.  Learning With Legos

A favorite of mine!  Take some larger Legos, and you know you have tons so using around ten for this activity will not be a problem.  We had Duplos aroud the house for this.  Write letters or word families on the Legos and practice putting them together to form words.  Even better, lay out the pieces and have your child put them together to make the word and read it, adding in some great fine motor skills! 


 I hope you enjoyed these activities and they help you beat the winter blues.  Follow us on social media to stay up to date! 


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Nancy from Two Sparrows Marketplace

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